1/37 Shipley Drive,  Rutherford Industrial Estate

open to the public


Monday - Friday:  7:00am - 2.30pm  

Saturday:  8.00 - 12.00pm

Closed on Public Holidays

Ph 02 4932 774O


Gourmet coffees from all around the world are stacked in the original bags in the roasting area and we roast our coffees in an old fashioned roaster in the true artisan style.  Roasting is done by sight, sound and smell - no fancy electronic gadgets.  Coffee varies from season to season.  Flavour, density and size is dependent on the growing conditions.  Our hand roasting enables us to adjust while roasting taking into account seasonal changes.

Roasting Tray


We do the majority of our roasting early in the week, please feel free to come in perch, on a stool and watch us roast our coffee.

We have a number of blends that vary from mild/medium to knock your socks off strong. We are more than happy to answer any questions you may have on any aspect of the coffee industry, our experience runs from the planting and harvesting right through to the drop in in the cup.  These are all available at the roastery.