christmas closing hours

The Roastery will be closed from 12.00pm  Sat 22nd Dec and reopen 7.00am Mon 7th Jan.

Make sure you get your 'Christmas Happy Beans' orders in soon as last orders for some locations have already closed.  Call the roastery to verify. 

For all non christmas orders they will need to be in by midday Fri 21st Dec. in order to be shipped over the break. 


                         that feeling.. .  

Artisan Coffee Roasters in the Hunter Valley

Bliss starts by sourcing only the best arabica beans from the Americas, Asia, Africa and the Pacific. We select coffees that can taste spicy, earthy, buttery, tangy, chocolatey or smoky.
The next step is careful roasting, to enhance subtle flavours and aromas.
With skilful blending our coffees possess a smooth richness and a balanced complexity.
That's what makes our coffee blissful to the last drop.....